today's dream was about me at some one's home looking and going through their pile of shoes and i noticed all their shoes were nike shox. weird i know... then the dream i had after that was that i was ice skating on top a frozen river and i was following my life partner and then suddenly i was very distracted by the fact that i could find my shoes... i was getting frustrated ice skating around looking for my shoes...

Many Dreams... 

I usually have 2-3 dreams a night, and the first dreams I never remember after I wake up. But when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can always remember every detail of my first dreams. So I advise people to place a paper and pencil by your bed and record your dreams. That's what I plan to do from now on. Anyhow, moving on with my dreams...I woke up remembering spending quality time with my family,...(which interpreting it means that they're in harmony) Another dream that I had, I was back in High School with 2 of my friends. We were skipping class when we got caught by a male teacher. He locked us in the basement and confessed that he had murdered his wife. I accused him and he tried to choke me!! I woke up after this point and didn't get to finish:) But who knows what this means...maybe I'm being sufficated in life by a male dominance.



This is a really crazy dream!! REally strange. I dreamt that I was having exes (you know, doing it) with my BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND. While this is all happening, she is on the bed watching us. Like WTF!! I would never in a million, billion, zillion years imagine or even think about doing that!! But I read in a dream book once that it only means u like one of his qualities and wish ur man had it....so hmm....what could that be??

samy yang 

Is this where I share my dream? Ahem. Okay. This is a long dream I had, really eerie and CRAZY. I'll try to shorten it for you.

It started out as a nice diving trip into the depths of the ocean. Except when my friends and I got down to the ocean floor, we found a train boxcar. We entered it and the boxcar spun around really fast. When it stopped, we swam out and saw the ocean with new eyes: the anenome was more colorful, the fish were flashier, and the water had a crisp, silvery look to it. All of a sudden a Hmong woman swam up to us out of the blue and threw some powder at our faces. We took off our oxygen masks and found we could breathe underwater. But then she killed three of my friends. The rest of us were taken to a cove where we found a whole bunch of Hmong people living under the sea (apparently their boats had sunk when they sailed to America and they managed to survive in water). They were a strange bunch, because even though they were Hmong, when you turned your head sideways you could see an overlaying image of their fish part. Anyways, to make a long dream short, I felt really sad to be kept in the ocean and away from my family. I found that I kept forgetting my name, my home, and the world above, the world where we breathed air. Afraid that I would lose my memories the way the Hmong-Fish people had lost theirs, I wrote out everything I remembered and kept them close to me. The last thing I remember about this dream is that I was stuck down there, in the cold depths of the sea with no way to reach the surface.

Funny how I remembered all the little details of that dream. Creepy!!


Sleep Walking/Talking 

Okay, I don't sleep walk....I sometimes sleep talk...but I especially do sleep laugh!! Dude, I always wake up laughing after some funny encounter:) Anyhow, not only do I laugh but I spit!!hahaha I sometimes fight other frisky women in my dreams...and for some odd reason I can't hit back or punch back. So my only defense is to spit at them!! And so I use all my force to spit at my night dream enemies, and end up waking up spitting back on myself!! I know that sounds gross...but any suggestions to how I can use my arms (to fight back) in my dreams?

Commenting problems 

hey all, sorry about this commenting thing. It may say that your comments didn't go through, but actually they did. Let me know if there's any problems. My email is pansie626@yahoo.com , I'm trying to fix it...but I'm having some problems as well:) And I want to say Thanx to all who are contributing to my comments:) Contribute meaning "writing"...not donating money:) Sorry for the mixup peeps!!


i have dreams of my partner cheating on me with other women...and sometimes i truly think it's our own innerself pyshic-ness feeding me a message of some sort or trying to tell me things... i have fought so hard on my insecurities and i'd like to think i'm truly over this issue but if you have any other advice i'd like to know. thx


I had a dream about my father who had passed away recently. In my dream there was my mom, one of my brothers and me. We were heading to a cemetary to look for my father. To our surprise, he appears before us. Alive, untouched and looking good. There was no dialogue between any of us. My dad was still in the same suit we buried him in. Before my father passed, his left leg from the calves down was amputated. In my dream he had both his legs. For some odd reason, when I looked at my father, his suit was covered in dust; even his shoes. It's as though my father never passed away.

I would love to hear your comments and interpretations of my dream. Thank you.


Myths about Dreams 

Tell me some of your myths about Dreams. For example, I heard that when you dream about a death of someone, it means that they were sick and now they're better. Or another myth, that if you dream about losing your teeth, that means that you're going to recieve money. Please share your myths!!

Share Your Dreams Here 

Comment your dreams and have others interpret them. Put a catchy title, a nickname so you know it's yours, and your dream. I will post it up for you!! I will take your comments and post it up for others to comment on them. Don't be afraid to share!!:)

Me, a Lesbian??? 

Well, I think i'm a heterosexual, I have a boyfriend, and we get along fine....but I always have occuring dreams of me satisfying other girls. When I say satisfy, yes I mean in bed!!:) In my dreams, I'm always the one to initiate the first move, and we always end up in bed together. In reality, I've never experienced with another girl before, because I'm too embarrassed, and I guess it's against my religion. I percieve other girls as pretty, but that's a natural thing isn't it? I'm just 22 years old......am I a lesbian??

Handsome Encounter 

This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face:) However, I have a great boyfriend who sometimes may get me mad:) We've been together for about 2.5 years now. Anyhow, I dreamt that my boyfriend came to my home town to visit me for a friends wedding. However, during my friend's wedding there was this cute blonde tan tall hunk who was air painting my naked body. That turned me on:) I started to flirt with him and we hit it off right away. After my naked body was air painted, the cute hunk and I walked down the hall together finding my boyfriend in bed with another girl. It was strange because I didn't feel jealous or angry, I felt happy that I met this cute hunk. I then woke up, but I really wanted to go back and dream more about that cute blonde hunk:)hahaha...Please help me interpret my dream!!! What does this mean??

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