Siblings fighting... 

cut off

This a real story again...because I can't remember my dreams...I have too many things on my mind:)
Anyhow, I remember when I was 12 years old and my brother was 10. I don't remember what we were arguing about...but it was bad. For some reason we argued and we ended up by the back door and by the stairs. My back was to the stairs and my brother's back was to the door. Well, we were still yelling at eachother, and I must have said something that ticked him off, and he PUSHED ME!!! I tiped backwards, fell towards the stairs, and......luckily I grabbed onto the rail and my other hand on the other wall to catch myself. I pushed myself up and was okay. Then I got so frustrated at my brother for trying to push me down the stairs that I KICKED HIM IN THE STOMACHE!!! It was a pretty hard kick because the force pushed him against the door. Well, he was only 10 and started to cry...because he thought that he was going to die since I kicked him. After watching all those Jean Claude Van Dame movies, he thought if you got kicked in the stomache that you'll die....so I had to reassure him that "No...you're not going to die" and that's how we made up:)



cut off

I had a dream that my dad got a sex change. He got surgery and took his male genitals out and put in female genitals. Anyhow, he was not being careful, he wore a short mini skirt with no undies, sat with his legs wide open and an ant crawled into his new smelly hole. He got infected and his new genitals no longer looked female. That was one nasty dream!!!!!


In my life...I saved a life!!! 


I'm so proud of myself...I remember back in my Sophmore High School....this asian non-English speaking girl was in my swimming class with me...and she was not so great at swimming. Well, we were divided into groups with Senior Life Guards in each group....we were tested on how well we can swim. Anyhow, I was at the deep end looking around and saw that asian girl drowning in the middle near the side of the pool!!! I looked around and no one else saw her....IT WAS ALL UP TO ME TO SAVE HER!!! So I dove into pool, swam my way across the pool to her...went under water...grabbed her by her waist and pushed her (me swimming) towards the shallow end. However, on my journey towards the shallow end, I ran out of breath and had to go up for air. I let go of the girl and she started to panick and started drowning again. She kept grabbing onto me...pushing me underwater...THEN I WAS DROWNING!!! I was struggling for air!! We both started to kick and splash fighting for air...not only was she drowning but now 2 people..me and her!! So I finally came to my senses after about 8 seconds of struggling and took a deep breath, went under water...and continued my journey pushing that girl towards the shallow end. We finally could step foot on the ground with our heads still out of the water....WE MADE IT!! I SAVED HER!!! I'M A HERO!!! I SAVED A LIFE!!! After we got our breathing circulating...we started to laugh and started to bad talk the life guards in our language!!! hahahaha That was hilarious. Anyhow, I then got out of the pool and walked towards my group. My Senior Life Guard looked at me and asked, "was there something wrong? are you guys okay?" I thought, "OH MY GOD, IF YOU SAW IT WHY DIDN'T YOU COME HELP....IDIOT!"


Freaky Deaky... 

No more dreams...I'm too busy in life to remember dreams now:) Anyhow, another real life story....
I was on the bus on my way home....when this old man...probably 70 years old...anyhow, he came and sat right next to me even though he already had a seat. Do I look that vulnerable that I always get bothered by these men??? Anyhow, he started to ask me questions like what I was studying in...where do I work...have I gotten the flew shot:) Anyhow, the bus was a block from my apartment, I pulled the bus stop string...and got up. The old man looked at me and told me to wait while he gives me his address. I thought...why do I need his address for?? He started to write his address on his newspaper he was carrying...and the bus driver closed the door on me...I had to get off quick...so I just left and told the old man that I had to go. The next morning while I was taking the bus to school, I saw the old man again....I turned my face so he wouldn't recognize me:) Good thing I'm asian...because we all look alike...and I can just pretend that it wasn't me the other day:)hehehe...."aaa...sorry mister...you've got the wrong girl"....but thank goodness he didn't see me:)


Control your Dreams... 

Do you have times when you can control your dreams? Or do you have dreams...and know that you're only dreaming? Well, I can control my dreams all the time! I can make myself fly, be invisible, and kick ass!!:) This time however, I was at my house, and knowing that I was only dreaming, i was geting naked and getting hot with my boyfriend right dap in the middle of my living room with my parents looking at us. They were telling us to stop and how inappropriate it was...but I didn't care, I knew it was only a dream so I got on top and made my boyfriend continue:)hehehe....

So how do you like that Down? I'm starting to enjoy it in my dreams now!:)




I had a dream that I had sex with a man I use to know. He knew that I had a boyfriend already, but he liked me, and I liked him:) We had sex...but it was so quick, I was disappointed...however my boyfriend walked into the room and didn't even noticed what had happened. He wasn't suspicious of anything so we just lived our lives together like nothing happened.


A real Story again.... 

Sorry...I'm becoming brain dead...I absolutely don't remember my dreams anymore:(


However, this would be a great opportunity for me to share my weird experiences with you all.
Well, when I was in 7th grade, I think, I was with a group of my friends walking home from a school dance. As you know, I'm asian, and we asians look alike!! My friends and I were all shorter than the average white 7th grade female as well:) Anyhow, as we were walking in a group, we thought we were sooo cool....looking like a gang of asian bitches. We walked across an apple tree...we started to pick alot and decided to eat them on our way home. Well, we had picked too many and didn't know what to do with the rest....so one of my foolish friend started to throw the apples at the cars moving on the street we were walking on!! She missed, so we figured that we would probably miss too:) So we all started to throw little apples at on coming cars!! Anyhow, one of my girls hit a Truck!! The driver came out of the car.....we scattered like little mices:) but he seemed to catch up to my pack and pulled me aside to ask for my name...(I thought,...give a name, any asian name but not mine!!) I'm such an IDIOT!!...the name I gave happened to be my friend's name!! And she was right there with me!!! I'm such a sell out!! I don't know what she thinks of me now...but hey, I couldn't help but say her name because it's such a common asian name!! But luckily the man let us off the hook....and gave us a disciplinary lecture, which we never threw apples at cars again:)!!


Drug Addict... 

I had a dream that one of my friends were a drug addict and we had to take her into an institution where she can quit. Anyhow, no body wanted to walk her into the institution so I volunteered. We walked through this building which looked like a hospital, we registered, then were given a room number. As we walked across the room to find our room number, we had to walk through a mall. It was weird, because the mall was a way to keep the drug addicts busy...anyhow, we finally came across the hallway with the rooms. We were told that my friend's roommate was a Gothic chic. So when we knocked on the door, it opened and we saw her roommate which also happened to be my first cousin!! She was a drug addict?? I turned to my right and in another room was another relative of mine!! Man, everyone I know is a drug addict!!! But it was a good thing that they're all in that place to quit their addiction!

Share Your Dreams Here!!:) 

Comment your dreams and have others interpret them. Put a catchy title or a nickname so you know it's yours, and your dream. I will post it up for you!! I will take your comments and post it up for others to comment on them. Don't be afraid to share!!:)


Don't Remember, But I've Got a Story:) 

I don't remember my lame dream today...so I'm going to share with you some weird things that happened in my life.

Anyhow, I was a Sophmore in College living off campus with my sister and brother-in-law. I took the city bus to get to campus, and it took me an hour to reach my destination. Anyhow, one morning I was running about a minute late, I ran to the corner to catch the bus...and all and behold, I missed the bus by 2 seconds!! "Those damn drivers," I thought. Anyhow, there was another bus that I could take on a different block. I walked over there, waited for about 3 minutes and a tall African American man wearing a trench coat walks up to me. He also was waiting for the bus. It was only him and me! He looked at me and said, "mmm, mmm, mmm, damn you are pretty" I thought, "why is this man talking to me?" Anyhow, I said a few words like, "thanks,...no I'm not pretty....I look like a boy..." and so on. I tried to not give any eye contact or give any interest in the conversation. Well, he started to ask for my name, I thought to myself, "Give a fake name...any name..." and what bursted out ...was my real name:) I'm such a dork!!!

He thought I was still in high school skipping classes...well, I told him I was older and that I actually go to the University. Anyhow, that was a big hit to his head!! He started to smile and say, "So you're over 18 huh? You're not a minor!!" I rolled my eyes...he then asked me if I had a boyfriend, which I answered quickly "YES" He then went on to say how lonely he was, and all that stuff. I don't know how this conversation shifted but he then asked me "What is the largest size dick you've been with?" He started to brag how big his was....and for those who knows me....I'm short and petite! If he means big...I'm sure it's big compared to me!! Anyhow, he then asked me if petite girls have small vaginas....I don't know!!!! Buddy, you either get out of my face, or I'm skipping class today!!!

The stupid bus finally came to my rescue...and Thank GOD I never had to stand on that bus corner again!! Just to warn others...but this could be how rapes and kidnapping happens...they start a conversation then do their thing!! BeWare, and Be Careful!!!


I remember now!!!....SCARY... 

Right before I was going to bed, I remembered my awesome dream that I think others might find it entertaining. Anyhow, it goes alittle like this: There was a missing boy that the folks in the community wanted to help search. We were told that he was last seen in this marsh, swamp-like terrestrial land...anyhow, it was dark out side, many of us carried flashlights. The police was in a group looking for the boy about 20 yards away from me. I was with a group of friends helping to search for the missing boy. I moved my flashlight slowly from left to right and all of a sudden, I saw a blue cap! I screamed, "I found something!! Over here" I slowly walked towards that blue cap...then moved the light alittle more to the right and found the boy's head!!! It was chopped off!! We all screamed, then we moved our flashlight more, and found more pieces of the boy,...his legs....arms... What was even more weird was that we found 4 more dead boys who had gotten their legs chopped off, but their bodies were upright standing on their hips/thighs!! Their faces were covered with football helmets and they all seem to have been rotting there for a while. We never found who the killer was.

My dream then shifted...we were celebrating the finding of those boys, we had a picnic at a park near the marsh. I was swinging on the swings when I swung too high I went out of control and started to swing in circles!! This was not just little circles, I was high getting caught around the poles of the swing set....I was getting dizzy and frightened that I'd fly off!! ....but luckily I woke up:)



I still have dreams about my boyfriend and I being apart (broken up)...but yet we're still friends...or wanting to be together again. In real life however, we are together and never broke-up.

I also hardly never dream about my family...but for the past month all my dreams were about them or with them.

What is going through this little head of mine?

(sorry for this post...my dream today was too boring to share:))


Chosen One.... 

This morning I woke up with a confused look....anyhow, my dream goes like this: My mom, my little 11 year old sister, and me. (it's weird because I don't have a younger sister) Anyhow, we were at church with a whole bunch of other young teens. We were to take this test on the computer to see who scores the highest. I was having trouble uploading or finding the test online. Then the instructor (who looked freaky, had dark brown hair and a goatee) came up to me and said that "the chosen ones always have trouble on their obstacles." I then realized...that "I'm the chosen one?" for what? I uploaded the test, began answering the questions...but these questions were not church questions. These questions were evil questions...I knew that I was going to score high on it...so I stopped, and shut off my computer. I had told my mom and sister to leave as quickly as possible. I knew right then, that the chosen one would be the next SATAN!! Which was me!

As we were running towards our mini-van, the instructor and his helper came chasing after us. We ended up running back into the church, we locked ourselves in a room...and the helper came banging on the door with a butcher's knife, ready to kill me. He wanted to kill me because I refuse to fulfill my duty as Satan. We quickly grabbed some furniture and blocked the door, but then the instructor broke threw the window and......

I woke up!:) That was weird...me the chosen one!! hahaha...that's too funny.


Mistery Suspense... 

My dream goes like this...I was baby sitting for a family who has a 5 year old girl and a three year old boy. Their mom and dad goes to work..and the dad comes home first. One day, the kids and I were in a room...when my cell phone started to ring...the caller I.D. showed "peeping tom"...I didn't think anything of it until I looked at the window and there was this guy with binoculars looking at ME!!! Anyhow, I screamed and I told the kids to get out of the room....we all ran but I was so frightened that I ran out first:) (Not a good idea to leave the kids behind) Anyhow, the little boy was the last to get out. Finally, the mother came home...she walked into the bedroom and found her husband dead!!! (a few months later) The mother met a man, whose attitude was very similar to her deceased husband. Anyhow, one day I was playing in the snow with the little girl across the house her mom and her mom's boyfriend was in...and she told me "I know that man is my dad,...he came back for my mom." It then occured to me, that what if his soul did come back? All of a sudden the little 3 year-old boy took my fingers and sqeezed them really hard!! I screamed and told him to stop. He looked crazed and scary. He forced my fingers backwards and broke them!! I then realized that the "dad" did come back, only to warn the mother that the little boy was the one who had murdered the "dad"!!! We then heard a scream and the mother had ran out of the house with a gun in her hands....and shot herself in the head!! She was warned by her husband to leave the boy...and she couldn't bare to be separated from the boy so she killed herself.

Weird dream eh?


A friend's dream... 

One of my friend had this dream... Anyhow, he has a serious relationship with his girlfriend, however their relationship has been rocky lately. His dream was about him and his girlfriend meeting for the first time...and they were enjoying eachother very much. They started to cherish eachother...be committed...and so forth. However, one day, he went over to her house to visit her....when all of a sudden...his girlfriend's Husband walked in. She was married!! My friend had asked her to leave her husband and live a life with him. However, she replied and said that if they go off together...their relationship will soon hit the rocks...so it's better that it stays this way. She said that distance equals Love and cherishing. So one night my friend snuck over to her house...they were messing around on the grass when her husband came from behind and hit my friend in the head with a shovel. He got knocked out and fell into a grave. He died.

That's where the dream ends.



Okay, I snooze alot on my alarm...so I have many little short dreams in those couple of 9 minute snoozes. Anyhow one of them was that my brother, who has trouble speaking (he's not that bad speaking...but some people may find it hard to understand him) he had called 911 when I walked into the room. I looked on the floor and there was a 5 year-old boy laying on the floor, who was a relative of ours. My brother had explained to the police on the phone that the boy had stopped breathing. The police asked for the caller's name, my brother told them...but they started to accuse him of lying about his identity. I guess because we are asians...and many other asians can have the same first and last name as you. Anyhow, the police was pissing my brother off...because of the whole misunderstanding and stuff...and because there was no help being given. I looked at the little boy...checked to see if air was coming out of his nose....and all of a sudden...he coughed...and started to breathe...but was still unconscious. I yelled out to my brother and told him that the boy is breathing. Then, the boy woke up...and started to puke red goo all over our house!! By then, I had taken the phone from my brother and tried to explain to the police that everything was okay...but I never got the chance to tell the police this because I was too busy telling the boy to go puke in the sink!:( Ewww.


Commenting works...just takes time... 

The commenting button works...so just click on it once after typing up your comments...wait for 10 seconds or less and it should go through. If there are any problems...let me know...my email is pansie626@yahoo.com Thanx:)

Today's Dream... 

Mmmmm....I decided not to post todays dream, not because I don't remember it...but because it's too R rated and inappropriate.:)hahaha... So maybe next time:)


:( Sad...But Frustrating 

Okay, I dreamt this morning that my boyfriend and I had broken up. We've been apart for lets say....acouple of months...(I'm not quite sure, it's a dream...they don't tell time:)) Anyhow, in this time, he had met another girl and was going to marry her. For some reason my ex and I met somehow that day, and we decided that we want to be together again. So he proposed to me,...and supposedly we were going to get married. But for some reason his dad was the Govenor, and he came to get my now fiance and asked why he didn't go home last night. He told his dad that he wanted to get married, but yes, he was going to get married to his girlfriend first...then changed his mind to marry me. But he didn't tell his dad that...he told his dad that he was planning to marry his other girlfriend...which turned out to be his maid...and his relative. So his dad sat both my now fiance and his maid down to talk to them about marriage. But the whole time, I was left out of the whole situation...I just sat across the room listening to his father lecture them. A thought came to my head...and made me realize that my now fiance was going to marry someone else...and automatically decided to marry me. How can he fall inlove with other people when I didn't. How can he marry another person when I couldn't. And most importantly, why didn't he come back to me instead of getting on with his life? So then before I woke up, I made my mind/decision...that I no longer want to marry him...and I no longer want him. In reality however,...I am still with my boyfriend, we had a fight two nights ago, but we made-up...so I don't know why I had this strange dream. The argument was not about cheating or anything and I still want to be with him.


Finding Him... 

It's 8:45pm and I can still remember my dream very clear. Anyhow, I was at my house spending time with my sisters...and my boyfriend was over at my house playing cards with the men. I went upstairs to look for him, and I found all these people over singing church songs. I realized that my mom was holding a prayer at our house. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find my boyfriend. There were other men there who was checking me out:) But my mind was fully set on finding my boyfriend. I finally decided to call his cell phone, and he picked up and said that he had left to go home. What could my dream mean?? Have I lost the love from my boyfriend? Last night we did have a HUGE fight...even thinking about breaking up.

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