Damn Squirrels.... 

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I live on the third floor, I have a balcony, and I store stuff on my balcony. I have boxes, gifts, clothes, and a rolled up rug out side. Right before winter came around, squirrels kept rummaging through my stuff. Now that it's been 3 months now, I think there's a squirrel's nest living inside my rolled up rug!! Pretty soon I'll see baby squirrels running around my apartment!! Yeah, my boxes are all torn up and destroyed, and I always see the mother squirrel build it's nest with my cardboard boxes. That damn squirrel is my wake up call....every morning it's moaning or screaming or ....who knows what it does. Maybe I should just one day pick up my rolled up rug...with the nest....and toss it over the balcony.....GOOD Riddance!! (for those animal lovers....don't worry the animals will be fine, the nest will just be transported to the 1st floor rather than on the 3rd floor:))


Why do our Dreams decieve us?? 

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I don't get it....I'm scared of monsters...but I dream about monsters!! I'm disgusted by people vomitting, but yet I still dream of vomit!! I'm scared of flying off marry-go-rounds, but yet I still dream about it!! I don't want my boyfriend to cheat on me, but yet I still dream about him cheating on me!! Whats going on??? Shouldn't we be dreaming only about our pleasures??? If that was so...I'd want to dream for ever:) But I guess, we don't control our minds after all....and so maybe there is some kind of God controlling us!!


Changing comment host.... 

I know there are two comments available...i have to take those comments and put them in the new one...anyhow, I've been having problems with the old one....hopefully this new one will be more helpful:)

I had a dream:) 

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I had a dream my boyfriend got married to another girl.

I had a dream that he had a baby boy.

I had a dream that we were still great friends.

I had a dream that his wife and I were great friends.

I had a dream that I was happy for the two newly weds.

I had a dream that I was all left by myself.


Me...a Man??? 

Wow...I dreamt that I was a man...who had a girlfriend.....we were in the livingroom....and I was horny...I wanted to have sex with my girlfriend but I kept getting interupted by my boys who were also in the house. I was in a gang you know....but even though I kept getting interupted, I still went back to my girlfriend hoping to get some:)...hehehehe....and then I woke up.

I finally know what continuosly runs through a man's mind....SEX!!!! hahaha:)



I had a dream that I had to use the bathroom...I was sitting on the toilet pushing out some poop...and some came out...I wiped and flushed the toilet....a few minutes later, I woke up....I had to quickly check my undies to see if I really did poop! Because you know, sometimes when you pee in your dreams...you pee in real life!! Hey,...it could happen with pooping too! Pooping in my dream felt so REAL, that it's possible I pooped in real life too!! I checked...I smelled....and nothing!:) That what a big releif!!(SIGH):)

Was on Spring Break.. 

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Sorry...about the delay...


Found $20.... 

I use to work at Kmart as a cashier, I hated it. Anyhow, one day I was checking out items for this lady. She kept looking around her because she said that she swore she took out a $20 bill. Anyhow, she convinced herself that she didn't. I checked her out, she paid and left. It wasn't busy that day so I had to walk off from the cashier and stand at the end of my aisle to help customers. Anyhow, I looked down and saw that $20 bill:) I was like, what do I do with this? Will that lady come back? I figured...well, I'll just keep it incase she comes back:)hahaha....well, she never did and I took it home!! Wow!! That's the most I've ever found. However, I talked to another cashier that worked at Kmart that year and he told me that he found a $100 bill and he too kept it. But in his case, the $100 bill fell out of the cashier, and he was $100 short. They finally found out,....but in my case, it's someone else's $20, so I was fine:)


Demon Babes.... 

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I had a dream that my boyfriend and I stayed in a motel....and during that night a door within our room opened and this naked hot demon babe walked up to my boyfriend. I had chills up my spine and knew that she wasn't human. I quickly yelled out to him, "Don't look!! Don't do anything!! She's evil!! She's the devil!!" She then walked towards me, where I was on the bed. I quickly took my gold cross on my necklace and started to curse at her, "God's almighty, he's stronger than YOU!!" I kept repeating myself until she was gone. A minute later, another demon babe came, this time not naked, but had huge racks (something my boyfriend likes, and something I lack), I knew he couldn't resist...so I yelled at him again saying that she was a demon! She then walked towards me again....this time I took a knife and started to stab her!! I stabbed her again, and again!! There was blood everywhere...but then she disappeared. I knew right then that the room was haunted, I ran out and requested for a new room...but it seemed as though the whole place was haunted. There were some demon boys knocking at the entrance door...I told them not to open the door, but they did and the demons came flying in opening their teeth sharping mouths!! I ran out as fast as I could.....and I survived...


Stealing Cars... 

This is a dream that I had....
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Okay it was pretty weird, first I was home alone and my dad had come home to have dinner from work...and for some reason he kept his engine running. He drives a red dodge truck. Anyhow, it was dark outside but I can see a man walk towards my front door. At first I didn't think anything about it but then it came to my head that it was pretty late. I quickly ran to lock the door. Phew, I locked it....all of a sudden the man ran up the driveway where my dad's engine running dodge was. I quickly yelled out to my dad that there was a weird man running around our house. He quickly ran to his truck but the man was already in the front seat and reversing the car!! Oh NO!! What to do?? I was still inside the house and thought quickly...I yelled out to the man, "YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!! BE A MAN AND COME OUT AND FIGHT ME YOU FREAKIN' WUSS!!!" I just kept cursing at him...and all of a sudden he pulled out a GUN and started to SHOOT at me!! He kept missing...and I ran to the telephone to call 911, but I kept dialing the wrong numbers!!! it went blur after that....

Later, another man tried to steal my dad's engine running truck again!! This time it was a blonde guy...and during the day. I had to think quick again...so I called him over, "HEY CUTE THANG....COME OVER HERE AND GIVE ME SOME LOVIN'. " Sure enough, that worked, he came over,...I had to keep him busy while my sister gets the keys out from the truck. I started to kiss this guy...then took off his button down shirt....WHAT I SAW WAS NASTY!! He had big white blisters on his chest!! EWWW...but I had to keep him busy so I unzipped his pants.....and WOW...there were no blisters down there....just something big:) Anyhow, you can imagine what happened from here:)hahaha....one clue...I enjoyed it:)

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