Couldn't fall asleep today... 

So, I had about 3 hours of sleep before my boyfriend finally came to bed last night. He woke me up...and I couldn't go back to bed. I tried laying in bed for the next 3 hours....but nothing. So here I am...6 A.M. in the morning. Anyhow, I'm sure I had a dream, but I don't remember it. But I do remember other dreams that I had. I dreamt that my dad took off on my mom for 2 days, and came back with another woman! I was there, and started to yell at my dad, telling him that my mom doesn't need his sorry ass, and I flicked his new woman off. They somehow had bought the house next door to our house. Anyhow, he then tried to go into our house, when I yelled back at him saying that this house is no longer his!! I know that there must be more to the story, but I forgot. This is all I remember, but that was weird, because my parents are happily married. I must have something against my dad to always have these stupid dreams about him!!



Bee Dream

I had a dream that I had ordered bees to put them in my tank as pets. Well, when the guy delivered it to me, I wanted to take a peek at the bees so I opened the bad.....that was bad thinking. Well, the bees flew out and started to fly around me!!! I got scared so I dropped the bag!! The delivery guy yelled out at me, "Don't move and they won't bite." So, I panicked, I shook, and I twitched. They were crawling all over me!!!

My boyfriend woke me up,...saying that I was shaking and twitching in my sleep. I woke up laughing telling him that I was covered in BEES!!! Hahaha....then I yelled at him and asked him, "why didn't you wake me up?" because I thought I woke myself up, and he responded, "I did wake you up, that's why you're awake!"

Yes, that is my drawing...hahaha...I had fun drawing it on my computer:).


Schlick shaver... 

broke off

Well, last year when I was living with 3 other people in an apartment. No body wanted to clean it......and our bath tub started to mold. I remember sticking my schlick shaver on the wall.....and our bath tub started to mold some more. I usually use my shaver to shave my under pits. Anyhow, one morning, as usual, I took a shower, and went for my shaver to shave my armpits. These shavers had a head cover that I had to take off.....well, when I uncovered the shaver, a big maggot was under the cover, on my shaver!!!!!!!!!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! I jumped.....and threw the whole thing away!!!!!! I had bought a years worth of shavers stored away...so I got a new one. I know now,....not to let my bath tub mold again!!!!!!!!!!


My boyfriend's dream... 

He had a dream that we were making love....and when we were done, I got up and left to go somewhere. Well, my mom came over and started to flirt with my boyfriend. He started to get turned on, and my mom wanted him. Well, they started to make love too....I came home early and caught them red handed!!! I turned around and slammed the door behind me. My boyfriend wanted to come after me, but what happened was, he stayed where he was and finished what he started. Yes, you're right, he and my mom continued cheating on me!!!

That's just Nasty!!! I'm surprised he would even want to sleep with my mom!! Well, she was suppose to be my mom in his dream, but she was actually a young white woman, (I'm asian and my mom is old and asian!!). This just tells me that my boyfriend is a horny bastard....who wants to try white women.....no matter how old they are!!!!


Weird dream.... 

broke off

I had a dream last night.... after the big Rubber Breakage....that I was making love to my boyfriend....and I decided to taste his tool. Well, when I put it in my mouth....it dried up and broke off, like chalk. I started to panick....his tool was still in my mouth but not on him!! I ran to the bathroom to rinse off my mouth while my boyfriend screamed of shock and fear. Then.....i don't remember the rest...but I think I woke up.

What in the world can this mean???


Something Strange... 

Something strange happened to me last night. I had a dream that I was playing basketball, one of my teammate passed the ball to another teammate of mine who was right under the basketball net....the rest of us were on the other side of the court so she had all the time to shoot....however, when my teammate passed the ball to her....it kind of rolled on the floor and passed through her legs and so went out of bounce. Right then I made a noise "UGH!!" (like...man, she could have had that) but in making that noise, I made it in real life too and woke up....but the strange thing is....I woke in disappointment that my teammate missed the ball....but my boyfriend who was sleeping next to me also grunted, "UGH!!" the same time I did!! I quickly looked at him to see if he was awake, but he wasn't. That was just plain coincidence!! Then this morning I woke up and asked him if he was playing basketball in his dreams:) and...it turns out he wasn't:)hahaha



I had a dream that a crowd of people were trying to get ideas out of my head. A group of people tackled me and held me down while somebody else got a large wood saw (the hand type with a wooden handle and wide blade) and began sawing my skull open. I yelled out loud, "Stop It!!" and my yelling woke me out of my sleep.



I normally have rather pleasant (albeit a bit bizarre and surrealistic) dreams but I had a terrible dream the other night that involved people shooting at each other and stuff - the worst bit was that my children were in danger and really scared and crying in the dream...it was really horrible, seriously. I think perhaps I have been watching too much news. (Combined with eating too much rich food)
I hope every one else's dreams are nicer than the one I had.


Need to Post a Dream??? 

Post your dreams here under "Comment here" and I'll post it up for you!! I have to do it this way because only I have access to post something. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Seducing the Groom..... 

I dreamt that an innocent girl was about to marry this man the next day. Her sister and I decided to test him to see if he's really faithful and ready for marriage. We trapped him into a room and locked us in. We started to tempt him with kisses and rubbing... He fell right into his temtations....(I'll skip the graphic details in what happened...which I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened:)) The sister and I wiped his messed up and mixed it into the wedding cake mix. The next day, the mother of the bride took a bite out of the cake and knew right then that some mix of "the groom's mess" was in it. The secrets out, he slept with the Bride's sister!! The Father of the bride was furious and canceled the wedding!!

Wow....this is a great idea...maybe I should use this strategy when a good friend of mine is about to get married....test the groom!!!


What does this mean? 

What does it mean to have a dream and get pee all over your hands and behind? In some cultures, dreaming that you get poop on you means money for the near future, I wonder what it means to get pee all over you.....because Last night, I had a dream that I was using this weird toilet....where I had to pee into a dish bowl. Well, I over spilled the pee in the bowl and got pee on my hands and butt:)hehehe


Close encounter.... 

cut off
My boyfriend was driving on a 3 lane street at 40 miles per hour with a red car to their left and with a SUV to their right. The right lane only exits off to a highway, and the SUV decides to merge into the middle lane where my boyfriend was....I guess the SUV didn't see them and merged right into them. My boyfriend panicked and swirled to the left to avoid hitting the SUV, forgetting that the red car was to his left! The red car swirled off the road onto the medium/middle concrete...when my boyfriend almost touched the red car, he figured that the SUV have moved back to it's right lane...so my boyfriend swirled right...and skinned the SUV....that damn SUV was still there in my boyfriends lane!!! My boyfriend was swirlling everywhere!! Tires screeching, brakes hitting, and ....finally the stupid SUV exited off onto the highway and my boyfriend was free to drive on his lane again! This incident made his life flash before his eyes....and now....he's been loving me more than ever....and I'm loving it!!:) I thank God that he's okay...to come back and love me even more:)hahaha

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