One of my recent dreams:

I dreamt that Manny Ramirez (slugger for the Boston Red Sox) worked at my company. He was just about the most happy-go-lucky guy to work with and never seemed to lose his temper (as all of the rest of us do).



I'll let you guys in on a secret. I made this blog because it was for a grade in one of my classes. My class focused mainly on weblogs, and we each had to maintain our own blogs. I was to update it at least 3 times a week and build a community. I think I met my goals....but now that school is over....I'm just too damn lazy to make any efforts you know.

And now that school is over...I don't remember my dreams anymore...I guess because I was actually making an effort to remember them. Anyhow, please help me...and post you dreams!!!



I had a dream where I was suing ticks and spiders. I don't know what for. My older sister was some big shot lawyer and she was defending them against me. That's pretty much all I remember.

Have you read Dreamspeak by Rosemary Ellen Guiley? I thought that was an interesting book.


Need to Post a Dream??? 

Post your dreams here under "Comment here" and I'll post it up for you!! I have to do it this way because only I have access to post something. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Something weird happened this morning... 

Bee Dream

Well, as you know....I always have dreams that I go pee when I really actually need to go pee. Anyhow, this morning felt different from all the other mornings. I had a dream that I was peeing on the ground, getting pee all over me. 3 seconds into peeing, I knew something was different and something was wrong....I woke up.....and my pants were wet!!:) I quickly ran to the bathroom to finish off in there:)hahaha....that's just grossssss......but luckily I stopped it after 3 seconds into peeing.

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